NaNoWriMo Camp: 6 July 2017

Yesterday I wrote the pitch for my folk tale rewrite, The Goldenhorn.

Today I must expand it into a three sentence paragraph, which would be the shortest plot form. The three sentences stand for the beginning, middle, and end of your story.
I fear the task is as difficult as writing a pitch.

The beginning, middle, and end are a bit vague terms, don’t you think? They need more definition. What do they actually stand for in a novel?

One of the books that explain this is Write your Novel from the Middle, by James Scott Bell. It’s not really the same as other explain it but I don’t have time to get distracted by writing about it. I need to write my own three paragraphs. Just a quick cheat-sheet reminder here.

The beginning
This is the part of a story where you introduce your main character(s), and show how they are forced to act. If your protagonist is not making a change in their way, you don’t have a story. They must come to an obstacle, a complication, which is the reason their life must take a different course, or else… By James Scott Bell, this is “the door of no return”.

The middle
The meat of your story. By James Scott Bell, this is the part where your protagonist “looks in the mirror”. This is the part where it’s revealed what the story is really about.

The end
The part of the protagonist’s fate. After the trials and tribulations they come to “the second point of no return”. It’s the sealing of their fate.

And now my own.

The Goldenhorn
A huntsman lives in peace with the White fairies and their white, golden-horned goat buck in the Bogatin mountain. He is persuaded to bring his vain girl the fairies’s fortunes even though it means killing the untouchable Goldenhorn. He manages to shoot the Goldenhorn which survives and throws the huntsman in an abyss.



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