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“I just read a study on black holes,” said Yuffie. “I just read a study on editors and insanity,” sighed Lady. “I just read an article about weight,” pipped in Tree. “Women who put on a few pounds live longer.” “Live longer than who?” asked Lady. “The men who mention it,” replied Tree. ~ Patreon…

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NaNoWriMo Camp: 6 July 2017

Yesterday I wrote the pitch for my folk tale rewrite, The Goldenhorn.

Today I must expand it into a three sentence paragraph, which would be the shortest plot form. Continue reading

NaNoWriMo Camp: 5 July 2017

Author Sona Charaipotra from We Need Diverse Books brought us first Camp Care Packages. How to start – by making an outline.
She suggests we start with making a pitch first, and then add meat to it to make an outline. Continue reading